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cranked up the heat, got some peanut butter brownies in the oven, and made some tea for the fiancee and i. settling in for a warm evening, snow or not

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thanks to radio edits i now assume any time theres an abrupt silence in a song, they are singing "fuck"

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someone: *boosts a ping from over a year ago*

everyone: oh, new content, i shall draft my response to to it posthaste

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me: I should finish and ship that box for my MIL.

adhd brain: no we should just try out the silver dragon head REAL QUICK

me: I should at least finish the ice dragon before *that*

adhd brain: or see if we can get the Viking working

me: We have a working embroidery machine. The Viking works fine as a sewing machine, if we're gonna use it we should sew the Valentine sea monsters.

adhd brain: silver dragon?

me: fiiiiine, real quick.

sewing needle: snags on fins and throws shrapnel everywhere

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is there a way i can give anti-views to videos with clickbait titles

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why not: null character separated values?

why not: actually using the control characters in ascii for something useful

tired: csv
wired: tsv
inspired: 👏sv

new mountain goats new mountain goats new mountain goats

with a dragon on the cover and a saxophone in the solo

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it's snowing in seattle! the trees are all like "what in the shit"

gonna have them play this piece while i'm walking down the aisle at my wedding

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