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:dragnthink: 💭 mods are asleep?

:dragnthink: 💭 ...


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upside of having :dragnpats: in my username is i get :dragnpats: every time the instance sends me admin mail

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One More Time
Simpl1 on FA commissioned this halfbody of his lovely dragon character Mocha!! I always have a blast drawing her. Thank you so much!!

#MastoArt #ArtWithOpenSource #CreativeToots #Inkscape #Commission #CommisionsOpen

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"Dragon Musketeer"

Second portfolio piece! ✨
I think I'm finally getting my art style to a place I'm comfortable with. Pretty happy with how this one came out! 🐉


its still technically spring cleaning if it happens before june 21, right

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Hey, I'd like to introduce you to my new robold character, Saiph! (xe/xem pronouns).

Art by @ArtByFloe@birdsite , influenced by @Lobst's robot designs!

I wrote up a longer introduction here if you'd like to read it! blog.dexthedragon.co.uk/post/1

shit, sky's starting to lighten. better wrap up

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