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Been working on beefing up my portfolio these last couple months with some reworks of older pieces. Its nice going back to old things with more technical know how and being like !!!?!? when comparing them. Need to get the hydra more tree like but im feeling it
#wip #mastoart #art #dragon #hydra

apparently i have 5 stars on amazon though

the most surreal thing I found out after turning google alerts on is that apparently i share a name with an 80s fantasy book

adventure zone. end of story and song Show more

"Fight me," the knight called.
"No," the dragon yawned.
"You must!"
"But it is your purpose!"
"In your story, not mine. Tell another."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

it's hard to type with paws anyway

my favorite sorting algorithm is O(1): fuckitsort, where you say "fuck it, i didnt want those in order anyway"

i ripped up entire systems and remade them. i learned an entire new realm of computing. i did some deeply esoteric shit and hacked Yarn.

and it works.


Folks it's important to remember to call sleep() often in your code. Computers get sleepy too. Your programs will thank you for it.

python creation myth Show more

i'm shaking. holy fucking shit. it works. it works. you can play the game, finish an episode, put it down, and then pick it up and start the next episode. holy shit.

your hacker name is the first CVE ID you were credited with discovering XORed with the first CVE ID assigned by someone else to your code

Friends, as we head into #Ramadan, please take special care to CW your posts about #food. Your observant Muslim community-mates will be fasting between sunrise and sunset, and using a CW will make life a little easier for them.

I got a few new arts at #BLFC2018! First up is this delightful badge from @aainsleyyactual@twitter.com!

i layered several of the LGBTQI rights maps from Wikipedia, and it has this vaporwave aesthetic