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@hax can't decide if that's good or not, after the 10th one in a row it starts to feel a lot less useful

@xnx38h @vantablack i just poked it, can one of y'all confirm whether tusky is showing the right limit now moderation 

@devurandom @00dani oh yeah i think i know what i need to change, someone asked for this a while ago but i lost track of it. i'll add it to my tracker for the next mastodon upgrade

@hax developers of the "husky" fork of tusky added several instances, including, to the app's blocklist after receiving flak for removing gab from it

just use tusky folks. if you're reading this and you wanted to use husky because the upstream app blocks gab / spinster, let me know and i'll swiftly escort you to our blocklist

@AndiBumble cant look into it at the moment but there are some longstanding issues with these imports failing halfway through (e.g. due to followers being on servers that have since died)

if your lists arent restored by later tonight i can look for more specific info for ya

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