the matrix server is down today as our database filled up its storage volume; currently working to free up space to get it back up and running, and submitted a request to our cloud provider to increase the disk size. don't have an ETA but i hope to have it back up by this evening.

@nleigh i should probably update that, it's a bit higher than that nowadays

hello! it's been a while since i've posted here other than to respond to specific inquiries, but since there's been a steady number of signups to through community member invites and word of mouth: welcome!

if you're new here or if you just haven't seen it before, we have a patreon and liberapay which are used to pay for the costs of running the mastodon¹, matrix², and gitea³ services that we provide here.


if you're using these services, please consider supporting us through one of these means:

we do not accept cryptocurrency donations due to environmental, social, and technological concerns. if you were going to reply to this post asking if you could donate crypto, please consider divesting yourself of your cryptocurrency resources and supporting an environmental or social justice initiative instead.

thank you!

fediblock, racial slurs, transphobia, ableist slur in username 

@violet done

fediblock, racial slurs, transphobia, ableist slur in username 

@violet yeeted

fediblock, racial slurs, transphobia 

@violet god, this sucks. added all those domains to our blocklist

@violet @nightpool sorry, not at my desktop much these days, ive cropped and resized it a bit to fit the size requirement and namespaced the shortcode since there's a few other :violet: options out there, so you should be able to use it as :violet_cybrespace​: :violet_cybrespace:

@Alamantus @nightpool looked into this. i added the header to our media CDN configuration and it looks like audio is playable now. thanks for the heads up.

@OberstKrueger if it wasn't corrected shortly after the fix, it probably won't be corrected, but missing posts can still be fetched by loading threads that they may have been a part of and pasting direct URLs into the search bar

mastodon administration, technical details 

if you run mastodon on ubuntu or debian with jemalloc and you notice sidekiq crashing frequently, it may be related to this issue with FFI:

the fix in our case was to add LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ to the systemd unit files, so that all native (non-ruby) code could use the same memory allocation system

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just fixed an issue with's sidekiq worker that was causing it to frequently (30-60s) restart, interrupting longer-running tasks and possibly causing posts to get lost from feeds. hopefully things should be a bit more stable now

and then suddenly its fine?? didnt get a response to my support ticket but i'll take it

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@haskal digitalocean is definitely failing their SLA, but hetzner has been basically fine til now aside from an occasional short outage that kicked something of ours over. we are unfortunately getting what we're paying for, there, though.

server slowness appears to be due to degraded disk performance on the host, following up with them to see if there's anything to be done about it

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@TheGibson we seem to be good on memory and the sidekiq queues are empty, weirdly. current theory is it might be a slow db connection, possibly due to disk i/o users: this appears to be due to the web server taking too long to respond and returning a 504 / timeout error. if you see this happen, it might mean the server is just processing slowly and will eventually submit the post! (looking into why it's taking so long, but this should help you avoid accidentally submitting duplicates in the meantime)

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looks like might be having intermittent problems with duplicating new posts made by users on here, looking into it now. (in the meantime, if someone sends you multiples of the same reply, it's probably not their fault!)

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