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Stars that are fusing hydrogen into helium fall along the line that goes from upper left to bottom right on the HR Diagram. This is known as the main sequence. Once the hydrogen in their core is spent, stars evolve up and to the right of the diagram.

@nev @Riley mhmm one of my favorite almost-canon interspecies gay couples

*sees some genome data* haha, nice homestuck reference

@DialMforMara i don't know but he does it every time and it's beautiful

@nightpool ahhh such a good comic

did i ever post the fan art i made of it here?

Hey folks!! It's nearing the end of the month, which means it's time to bump my Patreon again.

It's been a slow month for growth since my productivity's mostly been centered on Meatpunks -- any amount you can give is greatly appreciated!



@minego @benhamill @nightpool @nonphatic gosh i don't even have to upload these myself any more, just copy them over after another admin beats me to it :P

TIL You can get earmuffs for your calf

Apparently, they're used if there's frost or just very cold wind. Or if it's not yet ready to handle the weather, especially when newborn

apologies for no alttext on all these switch pics btw, i'm posting them from the switch itself via twitter

thinkin abt chr thinkin abt dragns