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Here's SPACE, a little 5 page anxiety comic I did in 2014 (so long ago!) I found it when going through some old sketchbooks and I'm still rather fond of it so I thought I'd share!

#anxiety #comic #blackandwhite

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@soza hmm yeah i think its done that for a while now, not sure why...

gonna be going on a little road trip / camping adventure this coming week and will be without computer for all of it and probably without phone internet for a lot of it

if you have technical issues, post something on our github repo: github.com/cybrespace/mastodon

if you have moderation concerns, please use reports or DM both @nightpool and I for quickest response

cheers, <3 you all

@uranther @gargron (i think the assumption was that most people have it pinned normally!)

@uranther nope, that'd be @gargron 's doing. you can still get to the notifications tab from the bar at the top left of the screen (little bell icon)

physicist: "that isn't possible, it would be spooky action at a distance!"

me: *imagining some ghosts having a shootout far away from me* haha, yeah, seems unlikely

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Xerox PARC
Xerox PARC: The Lost World
Xerox World
Xerox World: Fallen Kingdom

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@kit haven't managed to get an environment where i can reproduce your report up yet but i just applied a few bugfixes from the upstream repository, can you just refresh and confirm real quick whether or not it's still happening?

just applied some updates which hopefully fixes the bug where the cw field would have focus by default if replying to a post with a cw

@kit hmm, i'm on firefox 57 (three versions old) on linux with the gnome WM and it's working fine. let me see if i can find a way to get an OS X vm or something

@kit i can't repro this, can you give me some more information about your OS/browser and maybe a step by step?

@CobaltVelvet which is going to be 2.4.2 soon probably

@CobaltVelvet its a bug introduced in 2.4.1, it's fixed on master

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i wasn't enjoying how my previous #falkor was turning out so i redid it and really put some thought into how i wanted it to look this time

im liking it alot better this second time around!

#dragon #neverendingstory #art #mastoart #fanart #WIP