@morokei @nightpool yeah i'm aware of the issue. another user actually sent me a patch to fix it but i haven't gotten around to applying it. i'll let you know when i do!

@rick_777 it's possible, but i keep forgetting about it

Masto wishlist 

@rick_777 we already defer to the mastodon.social code of conduct in our about page, but thanks for letting us know about this addition

@anthracite i don't know if this is better or not, but we created a new locale (en-CY) for the cybre customizations. since it's a sub-locale of en, it falls back to en.yml when new strings are introduced (and allows people to opt out of the customizations if they want to). our branch is a little complicated at this point tho bc we also did some stuff with timestamp formatting

hey y'all, i deployed a change to cybrespace last night that should fix an issue some folks were having with exporting account archives. if you've been unable to get a successful data export, please try again and let me know if there are still any issues!

@tithonium i have my fish prompt at work tell me how long my history file is so that i can concretely see my library of mistakes growing

when i die, commit every action i performed to a text file so that future users may search through the things i've done to figure out how the fuck this system works

@HTHR it's a uhhhhhh 3+ dimensional geometric construct bounded by 3 or more edges that form a contiguous, planar ring. it also has emotions

*recreates a classic hacker stock photo but wearing a dragon kigu instead of a hoodie*

@gemlog @Canageek those filters are server-side. they apply to all clients. i don't think they appreciably increase server load unless you really spam them (100s per user on the server) so don't feel bad about adding new ones.

@Canageek @DialMforMara @switchingsoftware yes, matrix is the protocol and riot is the first party client. it's gotten a lot better over the past year, i use it for anything i can

manifold garden ending 

@anthracite the mailing list said that the PS4 version is still under development (but presumably coming soon)

kɜ:ʳ :dragnmlem: relayed

"The Mother of All Demos"
1968: Douglas Engelbart explains the foundation of user interface to the world. How to make computers responsive and useful, mouse pointer, hypertext, etc.

In school I read about it often, but TIL I can just WATCH the thing!!!!!


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