@roxy is it on account of how the sound it makes vaguely evokes a triangle (musical instrument) being struck

@toastal uhhh soon as i get around to upgrading to 2.8

theres something existentially unsettling about losing a Baba Is You level because you turned the laws of the universe into wooden crates

@qwazix @ajroach42 @lordbowlich my dad had a sidewinder branded force feedback steering wheel as a child and it was the bomb. so many hours playing monster truck madness 2 with that thing

kɜ:ʳ :dragnmlem: relayed
kɜ:ʳ :dragnmlem: relayed

If you live in the capitalistic hellscape that is America and need insulin or know someone who needs it, here's a lifesaving link to a manufacturer's coupon that can bring the price of insulin to $0. :boost_ok:


i am however receiving mail just fine :dragnmlem:

cybre.space mail server update: it's on the new box now but still not sending mail because the ipv6 address i put in dns doesnt match the one it sends from (it's assigned a whole sub-block, i put ::2 in dns, its sending from ::1). just fixed that, hopefully, soon, it will propagate...

anyway on ubuntu its adduser thats the good one. fuck

this is how bad i am at remembering which one is which

fuck shit goddamn it fuck my unresearched joke post was actually wrong. fuck

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