@Felthry "goal-em", which i think is distinct from "goal-um"

@iliana update: extremelyreal.email was available so i just went ahead and snatched that up

@Uysse i switched the media here over to a new system this morning and it exposed a permission issue with some older images (including avatars and account banners). i'm running a script to fix it, but in the meantime, you can reupload your avatar/banner to fix the issue faster

@haskal i'm running a script to fix the permissions on everything, it might take a bit.

@HTHR just a hunch, since i'm not too familiar with how unity renders, but could you "bake" the scale into the mesh? this post seems to suggest a method: answers.unity.com/questions/44

if your avatar or header image is broken due to the recent CDN change, it will probably be faster for you to just reupload it, since the CDN caches everything (even errors) with a turnover rate of ~1 hour

@bootjack thanks, i took note of the image path. reuploading is probably fastest since otherwise we'd have to wait for the CDN cache to notice that the permissions changed

it looks as if some of the older media has lingering permissions issues (not a problem before because everything was being downloaded from DO by a privileged client), if you see a broken image let me know and i'll see if i can fix it

nvm there was just a content security policy issue. it does seem to be working now

i'm transitioning cybre.space over from cloudflare to digitalocean's built in CDN for media. there may some intermittent downtime and media uploads/downloads may fail while i'm working on this -- bear with me

@Tak @nightpool we have had some other complaints about video playback, i will try to look into it this weekend

@Tak @nightpool i poked something in our nginx config last week that may or may not have changed video downloads, but i don't think it affected uploads

@chimera @nightpool is it persistent? i'm not seeing anything right now

@righton if it attaches successfully then i think that means the upload worked, which is progress. can you play other videos on here? and does your video play if you refresh the page after posting it?

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