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@witchfynder_finder the proximity between the statue of lenin and google's seattle HQ is quite frankly one of the biggest ironies of our time

*thinks bout that statement for a minute*

well, its somewhere up there, anyway

@SimonTesla holy shit, a decade later and i can finally play this gorgeous game

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since i didn't link it earlier, i'm gonna drop the fantastic trailer for the Stanley Parable's THIRD iteration. youtube.com/watch?v=SLOP7xTyUA

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@witchfynder_finder people still out here boosting them in the wrong order lmao

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@typhlosion @HTHR turbo teen live action reboot movie poster which is just a processed photo of a bumper sticker that says “my other car is me”

@hierarchon @nightpool oh, i should scan the most recent mutstd zip, its been a while since i last looked

@gamerswift13 arm is made by a company called arm, but arm computers can be made by lots of different people. its designed a lot more recently and has a lot of optional things so people like to use it when they make phone computers and other small, low power computers. some people say that it has less extra stuff than x86, but they are a lot more similar to each other than to other ways of making computer brains that dont have a lot of extra stuff

@gamerswift13 they’re two different sets of rules for making computer brains.

x86 is made by intel and has to work kind of the same as computers from 1980, and is mostly used in lap computers and desk computers. modern ones actually work pretty different from computers from 1980 but pretend to work the same, because 70% of the computer recipes ever written would break if they didnt

@mona the instance should send a confirmation email when you update it, and you’ll have to click the link in the confirmation email for it to take effect. check your spam folder, we’ve been having some problems with getting flagged as spam occasionally

@violet its not so much a policy as i dont really personally want to import twitter shit here, even ironically. not gonna do the promoted one either for the same reason

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