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kɜ:ʳ 🐉‏ ‮ 💾 ‭ @chr@cybre.space

Came across this and figured there are at least three people here who would love it: cachemonet.com/

@HTHR you sure you cant squeeze it in before that

@thefishcrow considering reactivating my fa just to favorite these :3

@LottieVixen @kibi yeah that was my assumption. i didnt actually try it but i assume youd converge to around that rate after fatigue and boredom set in

@nightpool you mean your configured instance theme? all the pages currently use the instance;s default theme anyway

@kibi assuming a dictionary of 1million words

@kibi mm then thats not much more than one time through. i'd put it at around 208 days at 10 words a minute for 8 hours a day.

@kibi depends on if you can type them twice in a row or if it has to be in order, twice

@InspectorCaracal except for the part where @nightpool helps out because they're amazing and have made running the instance this long even possible

@InspectorCaracal @nightpool "can we train a neural net to distinguish right vs left handed users based on a sample of keysmashing" boom grant / startup / angel investors

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