periodic reminder that we run a matrix instance at

matrix is a modern (federated!) chat protocol with all the bells and whistles -- look for Riot in your favorite app repository / marketplace for a slick client that can connect to any matrix server

or you can use it on the web directly at

(join if you're interested in discussion and updates about this instance and our matrix server)

okay, local folks: images should be back if you refresh the page

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something's going wrong with the custom domain feature of digital ocean's CDN. it will serve images successfully if you query it directly, but not if queried via a CNAME (domain alias), which we use to point to digital ocean's endpoint

i'm going to file a ticket with digital ocean and change's server configuration to use the CDN endpoint directly instead of via cname for the time being.

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cybrespace image outage appears to be a problem with our media provider, digital ocean. more details as i investigate further.

@rick_777 already blocked, but thanks for the notice

@aldersprig @Canageek not sure what you mean. like these? ⓪ ① ② ③

@Christian sure. adding markdown support *seems* like the kind of thing which would require a good chunk of code to implement. (i haven’t looked into it, i could be wrong on that). moreover the code required to support it would probably be in parts of mastodon’s logic that are likely to change relatively frequently.

the result of this would be that every time i went to update mastodon, it would be somewhat arduous and require figuring out what changed upstream and how to reconcile it with the markdown code. i would rather avoid that because it already requires several few hours of labor to update cybrespace whenever mastodon has a new version as is.

all that being said, i’ve been thinking about this for the last week and i think i want to investigate further, so i might change my mind. we’ll see.

@Christian upstream has rejected the idea several times, so unlikely. i have no objection but i also don't really want to maintain a patchset which will likely be large and a moving target, especially if the markdown won't be viewable on other vanilla mastodon instances :(

@witchfynder_finder the css that does the animation now specifically selects on the class "fa-star" for the icon

because obviously that's a semantically relevant selector

@Canageek longstanding demand. i was getting messages about it every few weeks, and also kept hitting it myself sometimes

(also after i upped it on the downsides seemed less important)

(users on can also see this announcement in the new announcements tab: click the megaphone icon at the top of your home timeline)

Show thread is now on mastodon version 3.1.1!

release notes for 3.1 are available here:

notable new features include:
- local-only admin announcements
- bookmarks
- (cybre only) raised the character limit to 1024

if you spot any bugs, please let us know or file an issue at

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