mario + super mushroom = super mario

super mario world <-> dr. mario world

mario didnt get a medical degree, he just ate a doctor mushroom

you, a fool: cells
me, a 17th century scholar: animalcules

kɜ:ʳ :dragnmlem: relayed

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@syme i was actually just thinking of docker containers but this is true too

@Felthry well, it was originally unics, so theoretically yes. however, to quote brian kernighan, "no one can remember" the origin of the final spelling unix, so for similar mysterious reasons i will claim that "no one can remember" why i spell the plural as unixes

1979: dozens of users per unix
2019: dozens of unixes per user

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@cooler_ranch @pea if there has been a new problem recently, i have not received a report or a DM about it

@tentokki cant believe twitter is gonna get bookmarks before mastodon

@zoe minifying by transforming it into an equivalent turing machine + tape

@fraggle your ideas are intriguing to me and i wish to subscribe to your newsletter

@nex3 public libraries are like the one good thing that materialized in our timeline from the timeline where society had more of its shit figured out

gamedevs of mastodon: anyone got good resources for learning how skeletal animation typically works in 3d game engines? i have a basic understanding of how rigs are set up and associated with vertices in a 3d modelling tool, but i'm trying to learn how that gets translated into particulars within an engine.

@InspectorCaracal i put my backups on s3 so the cost of forgetting is luckily "only" a steadily increasing number of dollars per month. low double digits at least, because the data is just sitting there.

@staticsafe @gargron i administrate multiple instances and would appreciate the same functionality.

i complained a lot about the heat in previous years, so just so the weather deities don't think i'm ungrateful: i'm really enjoying this low-70s overcast-and-rainy weather we're having in seattle this summer

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