i've heard assembly is pretty metal but this is ridiculous

the future we wanted: *smooth robot voice* your housing unit is clean, sirs

the future we got: *roomba gets itself stuck under the coffee table by knocking the hot pads off and then running over them and then whines at my phone in computer*

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when you feel like you got your shit together, but your shit is actually not together

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people see the back of my laptop and they ask me, "@chr, what the fuck is 'suricrasia online'?" i tell them, "friend, what the fuck ISN'T @SuricrasiaOnline ?"

when it's nice but also you're dying

alright, which of you furry dinguses did this

you, a fool: borzoi

me, an intellectual: lorgboi

this is a new one. website's trying to establish security credibility by...listing off the number of bits in the key of one of their supported TLS modes?

aw fuck i shoulda used this one damn it

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virtualbox seems to have replaced my VM with this fuckin bangin piece of glitch art

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