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kɜ:ʳ 🐉‏ ‮ 💾 ‭ @chr@cybre.space

im a wildlife photographer, except i only do video game dragons

wish i had more good mario pics but alas the rest of my switch mem is entirely filled up with lovingly framed shots of the dragons in botw

after a long journey around the world, i finally made it home

here, i found this image in my old shitposting folder and now you have to look at it

now that pictures for sad children is up i can revive my old reaction images from the comic

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roommate and i decided we wanted to make some matcha cake so we looked for matcha powder at safeway, couldn't find any. then we look online and what the everloving fuck are white people doing

essentially the same products are $8/kilo on alibaba

hey cybre folks, we now have two new light themes courtesy of @Skiant and the failed hiveway project! if cybre lite wasn't your cup of tea, check them out~