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kɜ:ʳ 🐉‏ ‮ 💾 ‭ @chr@cybre.space

oh are we doing homescreens

heres mine, launcher is KISS launcher which organizes icons by last use and has one tap text search (clickthrough to ddg if youre searching a phrase rather than app name)

my wallpaper is usually furrier but i changed it to a sony default a bit ago to avoid awkwardness and havent gotten around to changing it back cybre.space/media/fTHfQjRxINrR

s! looking to grow your instance?

if you haven't already, you can sign in at instances.social/ to give the instance list more information about your server.

specifically, they recently added these category tags, which will bring up your instance in the relevant category on joinmastodon.org/

it's a great way to help expose the fediverse's true size and diversity and build confidence in decentralized social media!

wow, what a coincidence, cybrespace is proud to be named a "worlds most skeptical of this claim social media platform" for the third year in a row too! cybre.space/media/Hn-SZXqmUWB5

i found. a single dragon. secondlife officially marginallyh better than firstlife cybre.space/media/Gr9ocqMFhEVT

hey anyone play second life

im tryin to figure out what the hell is secondlife. add me as a friend. show me where all the good furry content is. help me shed this awful generic boy skin cybre.space/media/9pCHguOdh912

dragon fin update: apparently i was tunnel-visioning on lizards. turns out fish can have pretty rad fins

i wonder if someone here who knows a bit more about the art history of dragons can help me out with this --

what irl animal are these fin/frill type things based on? it doesn't quite match any lizard frills or fins i've found, they're usually covered in scales and have much denser spines (see 4th image). are they just an artistic flourish that hundreds of fantasy artists have converged on?

i got to the part of machine learning where you can start to make cool images cybre.space/media/siBmaqkgLcxx