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kɜ:ʳ :dragnpats: @chr@cybre.space

duolingo human may like it but their cat sure doesn't

this post brought to you by this limebike

the needle's got a halo of blue today

upside of having :dragnpats: in my username is i get :dragnpats: every time the instance sends me admin mail

oh wait, maybe its an illusion from the video effects? here's a picture of him from his 2017 goty video, i think it might just be the white tuft getting blurred out bc of the VCR effect

why does pat from polygon have an asymmetrical beard and how is he pulling it off anyway

spent all day watching the blender "humane rigging" series and now actually understand the rig i built yesterday from a shorter video tutorial series.

but, no visible progress so i spent the last 10 minutes slapping a fancy material on the boy to get a pretty render. voronoi is such a good pattern generator

made a spiky boy in blender today, gonna learn how to rig 'em

this start menu is gettin pretty crowded

gfdi clippy i'm just trying to grab some win95 style refs

:bigclippy11::bigclippy12: let me
:bigclippy21::bigclippy22: help you

we've caught the dr seuss bug in matrix tonight

it got worse, somehow

feeling really astoundingly confident in my bank's website right now

remember, dogs can smell gender. so dont try to hide those illegal genders, the dogs will know!!!

presented without context

oh i just remembered

i found the vr zone irl! its a real place you can visit and its at westlake mall and its definitely the same vr zone as the one in griffin's amiibo corner a video series where griffin reviews amiibo, a delightful new creation from nintendo that blends toy and game alike

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