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:dragnpats: kɜ:ʳ :cydr_a: @chr@cybre.space

when it's nice but also you're dying

me every time i log into masto

alright, which of you furry dinguses did this

you, a fool: borzoi

me, an intellectual: lorgboi

holy fuck is this game for real

this is a new one. website's trying to establish security credibility by...listing off the number of bits in the key of one of their supported TLS modes?

aw fuck i shoulda used this one damn it

griffin's amiibo corner, furry, implied lewd Show more

virtualbox seems to have replaced my VM with this fuckin bangin piece of glitch art

check out my sick compression ratio y'all

this is the strangest spam email i've ever received

omg ok so i actually saw someone wearing these in the u district yesterday and it took all my willpower to not blurt out "JOOTS (JEAN BOOTS)" right there and then

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"its that time again. fuckers"

its the year of linux on the desktop, my friends