please buy my new early access indie game. it has a seamless open world

[screenshot: an infinite untextured plane that stretches out in all directions]

Please buy my new early access indie game. It has a seamless open world. The mechanics are currently completely programmed but they aren't all revealed to the player. We may do this in a later update.

To begin playing, open your front door and walk out.

The price is $29.99 USD

@noelle Oh man I ran into this weird bug where the lighting engine seems to have failed sometimes and everything is dark?? and like, I can't buy things from the shops because they're all suddenly barricaded and if you try to get access to them anyway the sound engine bugs out and starts playing really loud noises and it flags you as having committed a crime. also there's this bug that's really annoying that means I have to grind at work most of the week. plz fix.

@noelle Ironically, we are more ourselves here in cyberspace, it is out there IRL that we "play a role".

The "real" world has become the #RPG

@noelle I'd like to report a bug. My character doesn't seem to want to open the door or walk out.

please buy my early access procedurally generated space game; we use 64 bit ints for coordinates so there's like at least three times as much space as no man's sky

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