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:dragnpats: kɜ:ʳ :cydr_a: @chr

1998: bitmap fonts are so passé, vector fonts are the future!

2018: hey folks im adding another 28 custom emojo so that we can speak in comic sans

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@chr What does it say about you that after seeing this toot I went to check if you had actually done it?

For that matter, what does it say about me??

@chr you can't joke about this and then not do it :blobcat:

@a_breakin_glass @chr now actually vaguely wondering what it'd take for custom emoji to support svg

@maverynthia custom emoji are png only atm

@chr Curses! I think some are based on the.. Noto blobs...

@maverynthia yeah, i've made a few and usually my source files are vector, but i have to render out to png for masto :blobsad: