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:cybre_glitch: cybrespace registrations :cybre_glitch: 

cybrespace is going to open registrations tomorrow, march 16, from midnight UTC to midnight utc (@041 to @041)

we're hoping to get some folks who are new to the fediverse in addition to established people wanting to try out this instance, so please spread the word!

if you know someone who might want to try out mastodon, tomorrow you can recommend cybrespace!

:cybre_glitch: cybrespace registrations :cybre_glitch: 

@chr Do you have a link to your moderation policies, CoC, guidelines, etc., please?

:cybre_glitch: cybrespace registrations :cybre_glitch: 

@jond @chr For some reason I don't see anything on the about page on, but this link:
will take you to the page with that info.

@kepstin @jond yeah the new landing page doesn't link back to that any more for some reason :/

@jond we have a loose set of guidelines here:

which refers to the code of conduct here:

:cybre_glitch: cybrespace registrations :cybre_glitch: 

@chr I've considered switching but ugh idk, can I have a long chat with the admins?

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