omg the doggos in this game will catch mario's hat like a frisbee

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@chr you may know this, but: easier to have the doggo catch it if you hold Y, which keeps the cap spinning in place. Also useful for cap-bounces and intercepting berds

@weird_hell oh yeah i didnt think of doing that while trying to get it on video

@chr stop teasing that dog and leave your hat out there for it to catch!!!

@nightpool i forgot you could do that while filming this lol

@chr @nightpool heckin dog should have thrown its chapeau de chien in Mario's jerky face after the second takeback tbh. wouldn't have blamed that pupper one bit for getting fed up with the boomerang beret business.

@metapianycist yeah i found out about the frisbee thing after the doggo did that and i threw my hat to thank it

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