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the craziest part of browsing the web with noscript on is finding out which parts of a web are actually served off of completely different domains, and how many requests actually do nothing for the content of the webpage at all

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Current web design using so many third parties is hostile to user and developer. A method created by management and engineers who should not have the title.

@chr This is why I use uMatrix or RequestPolicy in Firefox-based web browsers to firmly control exactly what types of content can be requested from which third party domains.

It's a huge hassle to deal with manually configuring every website, but cutting down on the bloat is worthwhile to me.

@chr @catgirl using uMatrix is slightly tedious but also very instructive. you really get go to see how bad the problem is, scripts calling more scripts and yet more

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I use uBlock Origin on medium mode (no third party scripts or frames), which works pretty well. I'd like to use hard mode (no third party requests), but it's too much of a pain with subdomains and CDNs.

@chr @lizardsquid add umatrix to the mix and you get to see just how much in general gets loaded from outside the domain

@esp @chr @lizardsquid It's sad when uMatrix stops counting the scripts and just shows 99+

@trondd @chr @lizardsquid And you're just like "yeahhh this is way too much" x)

@chr The traffic actually has everything to do with the content of the page because the content of the page is data about tracking you.