taken with a digital camera. digital cameras are retro now. feel old yet

@chr I have logins that are older than some people there. So old. So old now.

@anthracite @chr oh gosh I think my oldest still-working login is from 1995 and now I feel weird about that

@anthracite @chr Haha wow. I didn't get on FurryMUCK until 1996 and I @toaded my original character due to drama. I was just thinking of my old university login that supposedly still works (my old-ass webpage does, anyway!) although I don't know any of the machine names I can connect to anymore.

@anthracite @chr @fluffy I was just realising that I've not logged in there in... possibly years? But I got there in '95 via university, and it's kinda obvious which of the two lasted longer for me.

@anthracite (also why is there an @ofail and @fail on your player object?)

@anthracite oh wow I’d forgotten that was even a thing. Early MUCK days with resource limits were wild. The build quota and the save pauses too, so many memories.

@anthracite meanwhile, on SpinDizzy you can type FUND to get 10,000 pennies with a 1 in 8 chance if an earthquake resetting your pennies to 0. Which always leads sone whippersnapper to ask “why do we even have pennies?”

@fluffy yeah it's not like it MATTERED when some of your friends were the wizzes and could conjure up pennies; I think there may have just been a spate of people realizing there was a ROB command that made me opt out of it applying to me, and set the fail/ofails.

@iliana shh don't look at the dragon behind the curtain

@chr this looks so wonderful!

wonder if anyone has thought about/done a meetup on the east coast 👀

@chr Half of these look trans. I wish I was there. I would've felt right at home...

Or I'd have a breakdown/cry because that's more trans ppl than I've ever seen and it's so beautiful :')

(sadly I'm in the wrong country)

@chr Correction: I'm crying even here.

Altho these are sad tears :'(

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