welcome to the mastodome

its like the steven king novel Under the Dome except instead of being trapped inside we're here voluntarily to seclude ourselves from the outside world, and its also like a steven king novel in no other ways

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@a_breakin_glass @chr


(or something, I'm still waking up, cut me slack)

(and the jet lag, ugh)

@sydneyfalk @chr wasn't mastodoom literally a hashtag at one point even

@chr @sydneyfalk I say was, most recent use is literally a couple of days ago

@theoutrider @chr

y'know what

let's just roll with it

if it is, then it is

if it's not, then let's get it going

and if not that then I think I'll have a sandwich for lunch? who's with me? sammiches?

@chr when i first joined masto in november 2016 i kept saying this to various new mastodon users in increasingly illegible permutations of wide text

@jk @chr w e l c o m e   t o   t h e   m a s t o d o m e

If this is your first moot
You _have_ to toot.

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