my hobby: reading about insanely limited 8- and 16-bit consoles and fantasizing about writing games for them in 2017

i wanna write a game for the game boy (original), in 2017

well probably not 2017 since thats almost over but you know what i mean


holy shit check this out, for doing game boy development, they had a "Wide-Boy", a large board version of the gameboy hardware that plugged into a NES/SNES so you could see what you were doing on a TV:

@chr Those things look pretty sick! And the pricetag was no joke.

@chr Wonder if this later translated into the Super Gameboy cart.


1) Reminds me of the Super Game Boy
2) I have the programming manual of the Game Boy somewhere if you need it

They had that on the market. It was called "Super Game Boy" for the SNES

@chr They were also passed out to media so that you could take screenshots

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