google captchas are fucking unethical stop making me train their neural nets to log in to my accounts

@Sargoth its impossible to tell which are identity-verifying and which are being used as training data tho

@chr what if
we fed it wrong data enough time to learn to notice which ones are verification and which ones are training

reverse neural network learning

@chr when it asks you to identify signs, pick everything that looks like a person instead. They'll stop asking you to train it.

@chr my first draft of that reply replaced person with children, so... I'm a monster.

@chr @lifning and I were talking about this earlier and how it's bullshit. i don't want to be complicit in training self-driving cars but i also want to log into my dang accounts

@viv @lifning even if i worked on self driving cars it would feel gross and wrong. the entire internet isn't your fucking labor pool

@chr also they are easily bypass-able by those who want to sign up to a service to do shady stuff. Unfortunately there is “organized” in organized crime.

@chr wait until you have to pass a five minute Turing test on the phone to log in.

@chr I loved them when it was "help us translate books from physical into digital" ...

But now? Pbah.wa...f

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