look so apparently "ax" is the original pronunciation of "ask" in old/middle english so nothing matters and language is arbitrary

@Stephen_Stone @chr That sounds wrong! I see ME "asken" from OE "āscian" from Proto-Germanic "*aiskōną".

@chr Gawddamn I wish I still lived in Nawlins* so I could start saying "ax" like a proper Yat⁑ and drop that fact on people when they gave me shit for it.

* New Orleans, my hometown.
⁑ Nawlins white trash, name derived from the typical greeting "Where y'at dawlin'?"
⁂ oh god mastodon's toot length lets me put footnotes on toots I love you @Gargron

@chr It's not so weird that that would get switched because /aks/ doesn't follow the sonority sequencing principle whereas /ask/ does; the more sonorous sounds are closer to the vowel

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