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cybre ≠ cyber

cybre describes an optimism, a hope for the possibility of technology rather than a fear of its oppression
cybre represents the reality of what is now possible, in addition to the mythology of what was thought possible
cybre belongs to the indomitable individuals and indefatigable communities who have carved out a home in an invisible layer above reality

also cybre was available as a domain name

@bgcarlisle @chr omg, I’m going to stop trying to pronounce it weird now because this is actually perfect


** also c y b r e was available as a domain name **

@steelman @chr Just because you can construct an analogy doesn't mean that it has any relevance :)

@chr if u pronounce it with "ə" at the end it becomes c y b r u h

bruh 1: i heard u been down in the dumbs bruh
bruh 2: bruh it really be like that
bruh 1: cybruh [sigh, bruh]

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