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it fucking works and its good and aaaaaaaaa

(the settings page is currently a hack but that'll be short work tomorrow when its not 3am!!!!!!)

@chr That's awesome! :D
Now we just need one-click installs of themes! :D

@zatnosk i mean its "drop scss in app/javascript/styles and add to a config file" on the serverside right now so that's prety dang simple

@chr that is pretty simple - considering anyone with the permission to do that, should be able to manage a mastodon instance anyway :P

@chr May I suggest you add another "page" for all the UI stuff? I feel like the auto-play of GIFs/system font could go w/ that as well.

@Eramdam true, although i'll have to consider whether that should go in the same PR as theme support (and ofc if gargron shoots it down then its a moot point and i'll just do it in cybre fork)

@chr True, I'm not Gargron but unless it's very dirty or whatever I don't see why it could get shot down, a lot of ppl requested this for a long time AFAIK

@chr I guess the next step would be to make it so locales could be a part of the theme (but that's arguably harder to do tho)

@Eramdam nah i dont think that makes sense to do - - i'll just make the cybrespace en mods their own locale and figure out how tk set it as default (and maybe make another one for windows themes :P)