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if you think you cant do a thing. its just a think! you have the you to learn how to do a thing! and then! you can do the thing!

kɜ:ʳ :dragnpats: @chr

full disclosure im not actually this out of it i just like to indulge the what if of what if i was actually this out of it

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@chr uhhh,,,

I'm pretty sure the term you're looking for is "shitposting"

@chr yeah it's a social rule thing. "i love everybody in this bar right now" kinda thing. getting intoxicated has both pharmacological and social effects.

@nightpool thanks foru the explaination. science friend

@chr okay but that said dont deploy to cybrespace drunk please

@nightpool pdfhssht im drunk im not styupid

@nightpool also not even really that i guess