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hey cybrefolk. you may notice your avatars are octagonal now. this is fine, you don't need to see a doctor. it seems to be a new side effect of prolonged cybredeck usage. it's completely harmless, not to worry.

:dragnpats: kɜ:ʳ :cydr_a: @chr

somehow i knew that when i started an instance it would eventually end up as just a pile of ridiculous css garbage aesthetic and look where we are cybre.space/media/_bRBNvxxcBJo

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@chr this is so fucking good thank you!!!!

@chr does this mean the whole "round avatar" thing can be disabled/overridden at an instance level to show the entire uploaded avatar?

@Mycroft yeah i just did it as a thing in the stylesheet, and if i ever get around to implementing theme support in the cybre mastodon fork then i'll make it optional with square avatars as the default