it gets a lot of hate but it was a good version honestly


alright folks, here's the win95 style as a userscript (domain applied to only for now, sorry -- feel free to modify the userstyle to try it on your instance but YMMV)

i'm sure there's stuff i missed but it's at least 90% complete for the main app i think

oh, and...

if you're not on windows, you're going to be missing a font. there's not really anything i can do about that at the moment.

(i have a ttf version of MSSansSerif.fon on my linux box but no way to distribute it with a userstyle)

i fucking love how this style makes it feel like i'm in the 90s using fucking palacechat or something. post me a bulletin over dialup, h4x0rs

(with apologies to anyone who was actually around and doing computer stuff in the 90s)

@chr convert to webfont embed into css

that's how i did it in

@squirrel thats too much work for my 3am brain i'll do it later

@chr you can load remote fonts from a url() rule, is it not on the google repo?

@Efi uh no for one it's probably hella copyrighted by microsoft and for another it's a bitmap font and i couldn't find a TTF of it _anywhere_, i had to convert it in fontforge by hand

@chr Running it on Witches Town right now. I *love* it.

@chr I'm installing this when I get home//update to the newest version.

@chr but chr if it's win95 then ~/.florps is UNIX. It should be C:\timelines\local etc. C:\florps

win95 didn't have user folders :V

@chr Okay, I love witches town and feel this would confuse the witchy aesthetics, but that's some good stuff right there.

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