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im so fucking chuffed with this style i wanna use it 24/7 already and theres still a bunch of janky stuff

@chr Dat intreface ! That would worth it going to cybre.space.

@chr I kinda want to make an OS/2 Warp version, a Haiku/BeOS version, and a Win 3.1 Hot Dog Stand version

@luciferMysticus cant wait to see the remixes after i release this

it gets a lot of hate but it was a good version honestly

@chr it'd be super cool if you could replace those icons with something like these: muenster.de/~gansm/image/toolb
or... y'know, make that look like files in an Explorer window (but actually that's probably super complicated and it looks great already)

@chr (also I want to do a Mac OS 9 version now and I don't even know enough CSS)

@AirportWorld unreleased windows 95 skin for mastodon

alright folks, here's the win95 style as a userscript (domain applied to cybre.space only for now, sorry -- feel free to modify the userstyle to try it on your instance but YMMV)


i'm sure there's stuff i missed but it's at least 90% complete for the main app i think

oh, and...

if you're not on windows, you're going to be missing a font. there's not really anything i can do about that at the moment.

(i have a ttf version of MSSansSerif.fon on my linux box but no way to distribute it with a userstyle)

@chr convert to webfont embed into css

that's how i did it in mynameiser.in

@squirrel thats too much work for my 3am brain i'll do it later

i fucking love how this style makes it feel like i'm in the 90s using fucking palacechat or something. post me a bulletin over dialup, h4x0rs

(with apologies to anyone who was actually around and doing computer stuff in the 90s)

@chr Technically you could embed it as base64 but then the userstyle would be super huge

@Eramdam fuck, yeah that would be pretty bad. might do it tho

@chr You could add

-webkit-font-smoothing: none;

to disable the anti-aliasing on text for a maximum 90s effect

@chr (I'm currently on Wikipedia + w/ my cybre.space acct w/ the userstyle trying to see which macOS font would work as a substitute for "MS Sans Serif")

@Eramdam the key to the aesthetic is the lack of antialiasing, which particular font it is doesn't matter quite as much beyond that

@chr True, but still, if you wanna provide a macOS fallback I suggest Monaco (or Menlo but it's fixed-width so that might not be what you want) octodon.social/media/so696YpzS

@chr (also the userstyle doesn't change the background color of column so when they're empty they're still dark ;p )

@Eramdam i knew it missed something :P

@chr lmk if you want me to try on my empty account on cybre haha

@chr Post a hash of it using sha256 and perhaps people can use ipfs.io to load it? :)

@chr you can load remote fonts from a url() rule, is it not on the google repo?

@Efi uh no for one it's probably hella copyrighted by microsoft and for another it's a bitmap font and i couldn't find a TTF of it _anywhere_, i had to convert it in fontforge by hand

@chr Running it on Witches Town right now. I *love* it.

@chr I'm installing this when I get home//update to the newest version.


Using on mastodon.starrevolution.org

Works like a charm. I love it!

@chr but chr if it's win95 then ~/.florps is UNIX. It should be C:\timelines\local etc. C:\florps

win95 didn't have user folders :V

@chr lol that's fantastic. Nice work

@chr got this applied to my acp account and it looks great 👍

@chr Okay, I love witches town and feel this would confuse the witchy aesthetics, but that's some good stuff right there.

@chr Why does it use forward slashes and tildes if it's supposed to look like Windows?

@Efi i know its the worst thing and i love it