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kɜ:ʳ :dragnpats: @chr

tech bloggers: mastodon will never go anywhere, federation is confusing and i dont like toots

me: welcome to c y b r e s p a c e be sure to florp someone's ping,

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@chr anyone who identifies with mainstream and had a problems with #Mastodon is just another reason for me to get comfortable here. And having more than 140 chrs #wordymofo

@theresatagonmyshirt i'm at my best when i'm procrastinating

@theresatagonmyshirt sort of, code i'm supposed to be writing for my part time job (research assistant in the cs dept)

@chr Can't. Not properly in DA MATRIX. Just a poor uncybered Mastodonian.

@Samizdata keep an eye on @psa for announcements about when we'll open next

@chr i read an article saying on my instance "you can give someone street-cred instead of favouriting" so close but so far from what memetastic.space is

@chr but can you jack a microsoft into your cortical socket and wilson out on some black ice on your Hosaka deck while the Panther Moderns storm Sense:Net

That's all I ask, it's not much

@chr why yes that is a sex thing thank you for asking

@chr "Toot"? Isnt that Mr Toad's quarter? :grin: