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hello! it's been a while since i've posted here other than to respond to specific inquiries, but since there's been a steady number of signups to through community member invites and word of mouth: welcome!

if you're new here or if you just haven't seen it before, we have a patreon and liberapay which are used to pay for the costs of running the mastodon¹, matrix², and gitea³ services that we provide here.


if you're using these services, please consider supporting us through one of these means:

we do not accept cryptocurrency donations due to environmental, social, and technological concerns. if you were going to reply to this post asking if you could donate crypto, please consider divesting yourself of your cryptocurrency resources and supporting an environmental or social justice initiative instead.

thank you!

@chr I’m curious: does the Patreon goal of $150/month really cover operating costs?

@nleigh i should probably update that, it's a bit higher than that nowadays

@chr okay, just wanted to get a sense of how the service is doing financially 👍

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