@bluehawk @witchfynder_finder @monorail the fact that your response to "hey, this is harmful and has hurt people" is "cry me a river" is pretty telling.

again, just because something is okay to you doesn't mean it is okay to other people.

similarly, the statement "gender doesn't exist online" can be okay to you, but it doesn't mean it's okay to other people. or accurate. or, as i mentioned, something that hasn't been used to hurt other people on a historical basis time and time again (to, for example, write out the contributions of women to computer science).

but please continue being offended that other people noticed you hurting them. it's a choice that you can do, for sure.

and the good faith thing? that's relevant because you are dismissing me as someone just here to dunk on you. it wasn't. it was me genuinely trying to explain some shit, you know, like i said. similarly, that's why it's pretty weak dunks. because i wasn't dunking on you. i was trying to explain. i wasn't trying to explain in the nicest possible way, but i was trying to make an effort for you to have, shall we say, a gracious off-ramp here. mentioning shit so you could go "huh, okay, i hadn't thought of that, sure".

i was coming to you in good faith to try and treat you like a reasonable human being. that's why it's important.

if you don't want people to try and take the time to explain to you and treat you as a reasonable human being, and if you don't want people to approach you in good faith, that's an option you can take.

but instead you seem to mostly be reacting with insults because you're big mad that someone pointed out "gender doesn't exist online, lol" can be pretty hurtful to other people.

that's certainly a thing you can do. i'm not going to say it's a good choice or a wise one, but hey, you are the arbiter of your own destiny and you are the person who receives the consequences for your actions.

just maybe think about what, i'unno, the moderator of your instance, friendly local cyberdragon @chr , is going to see when getting to this whole trainwreck.

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