Follow is now on mastodon version 3.1.1!

release notes for 3.1 are available here:

notable new features include:
- local-only admin announcements
- bookmarks
- (cybre only) raised the character limit to 1024

if you spot any bugs, please let us know or file an issue at

(users on can also see this announcement in the new announcements tab: click the megaphone icon at the top of your home timeline)

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@chr Why did you up the character limit, if you don't mind me asking? User demand? Draconic whim?

@Canageek longstanding demand. i was getting messages about it every few weeks, and also kept hitting it myself sometimes

(also after i upped it on the downsides seemed less important)

> - (cybre only) raised the character limit to 1024

Yay!!! :blobcheer:

@chr Yaaaaayy! This is awesome!!

@tootapp Any chance we'll see a way to increase the default post limit in the Toot! app for instances?

@Alamantus @chr There is an unofficial API for instanced to tell clients the post limit which Toot will use.

@chr Thank you for all the work you put in here!

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