@Skirmisher aww, hope you feel better! btw if it's a posture-related neck hurt, i realized recently that my monitor has been too low on my desk at home for ages and it was causing my some unnecessary neck pain since i would slouch to look at it at eye level

@chr Yeah I think we talked about this a little while ago :P raising my laptop helped a little but not much, so I'm gonna try a neck pillow for support next, since I can keep my back straight usually but I have to hold my head away from the back of the chair to look straight, which hurts after a while (tho I might need to adjust monitors some more, plus this desk is a mess and needs to be overhauled anyway)

@Skirmisher oh yeah i remember that. pile of laptops :P

@chr whoops completely forgetting to check over here because I was making a Grand Audio Production

other than that it is like 3am and I'm tired uwu

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