i don't know what thunderbird thinks "sort by relevance" means for email searches but putting a message from my spam folder as the first result indicates it's very different from my definition of "sort by relevance"

i'm looking for my purchase confirmation for affinity designer (which is made by a company called serif). i search for "serif". first result: an email which only contains the word "serif" as part of its rich-text CSS markup:

<style type="text/css">
body { font-family: sans-serif; }

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hace you tried "from:serif"? Dunno, might just work :blobshrug:

aww :blobpensive:

Wait. I think Thunderbird doesn't compress the emails. Maybe you could go to the folder where the mails are stored and use grep to exploit the power of regular expressions! :blobidea:

@chr Search for a subject of "affinity product keys" or "affinity order confirmation" (which I found by the much-better email search in macOS mail, specifically with a search for "affinity serif")

unsolicited email client ramble 

unsolicited email client ramble 

@chr In search results, "relevance" generally means how closely it matches your query.

i.e. how often similar words occur in that document.

Though true, it'd make sense to incorporate other factors in this determination. Sounds like they didn't think it through enough.

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