pleeeeease stop referring to hypothetical software developers as "he" by default. if you quickly add "or she" afterwards you're still on my shitlist. we have a perfectly serviceable generic singular pronoun, "they" - use it

@chr if you’d give me documents to edit, I could correct your coworkers

@DialMforMara i havent seen anyone do it in a document yet but its probably only a matter of time

@chr either way, please give me work

You are currently the only person at that company who I can persuade to advocate for me

@lukedashjr no one in this thread is harassing anyone. This is clearly a vent.

But thank you for playing.


@lukedashjr @chr Only because for a long time (too long, imo) women didn't really count so 'he' could be used as generic because a generic person was assumed to be a man. That time is over now.

@lukedashjr @chr I don't have to redefine it because it's masculine (that it's erroneously used for the gender-neutral doesn't change that), and it might surprise you, but it's not me who is offending me. There is a perfectly serviceable gender-neutral third person pronoun in English, 'they', which (like 'you') started out as plural but can be used for the singular without any problem, and I choose to use that.

@chr it's actually a very good reminder. For a non native english speaker it's very hard to get used to that. I should use it more often.

@chr ill also take, as reparations for centuries of misconduct, she as a default

@chr I have been trying to push this really hard at my own job—and I have the power to do it, because I GET TO USE IT IN PERFORMANCE REVIEWS. >:D

@zebratron2084 @chr yeah, I use "they" in performance reviews regardless of gender too, to neutralize how it's read. It's still a bit odd grammatically though, I wish we can just anoint a new pronoun. While we're at it formalize y'all too

As and old geezer born in the 70s: Damn, I have to unlearn decades of personal experience.

Oh well. :blobshrug:

Loosely related to your toot; similar story but positive 

Loosely related to your toot; similar story but positive 

@chr software devs are non-binary until proven otherwise

@chr There are at least three schools of thoughts on the treatment of this issue, and I'm not sure if "they" is the best one... 🤔

@chr they is as suitable for singular use as y'all.

@chr I'm also a fan of defaulting to “she” for traditionally male-dominated fields.

It annoys exactly the right people, and does a small amount of good, while not having even the potential of the stupid grammar dead end distractions.

Of course, “they” is perfectly acceptable also.

@chr my boss calls inanimate computer programs "he" and I can't for the life of me figure out why

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