1979: dozens of users per unix
2019: dozens of unixes per user

@chr Some of my computers are running a UNIX even when they're off!

@Felthry well, it was originally unics, so theoretically yes. however, to quote brian kernighan, "no one can remember" the origin of the final spelling unix, so for similar mysterious reasons i will claim that "no one can remember" why i spell the plural as unixes

@chr well I was doing it by analogy with latin nouns ending in -ix or -ex, which pluralize to -ices. See "indices" and "matrices".

@chr Really the amount of *nix systems is astounding. Taking all that IOT bullshit into account (which I don't have, but others do) you can easily find 10+ devices.

Seriously, at my girlfriends place I did a port scan and found a Webserver. Opened the browser and it was the Philips light bulb, having all the open source licenses listed there.

> Ligbtbulb
> Webserver

Welcome in 2019

@syme i was actually just thinking of docker containers but this is true too

@chr at work we mostly have unixes with no users.

No one knows what they do, but no one logs into them... And we don't dare turn them off.

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