i made a level! its about not jumping. its called 'we live in a society', check it out at CXQ-G9Y-KLG

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just playtested 'we live in a society' with my partner, who says "what the fuck". it seems my internal barometer for mario level difficulty ranges on the high side. i might try to make an easier level using the same concept...

@chr cool concept, really excessive difficulty. It’s okay to be more generous with super mushrooms, room for error doesn’t destroy your concept.

@chr I take that back, I can totally cheese it by just sprinting through the galloombas with mercy invincibility as soon as you give up the one super mushroom you do offer. oops

@chr even doing this I still can’t get past the spot where you have two consecutive flamethrowers on alternate phase on a ramp

@chr i got to where i could get all the way to end, but miffed that jump every time and it wouldnt count


it's always super hard to evaluate your own levels. For comparison, try WDN-RK8-PYF, which I spent an awful lot of time this morning making *easier* and it has a 9.5% clear rate to show for it - far above your level's 0% clear rate. Try it, see how its difficulty feels compared to We Live In A Society *to you*, and use that to calibrate just how much easier your own levels are for you, because you've spent *hours* placing parts and refining it.

@kistaro hmm, yeah i thought that was pretty difficult. but i'd put it around the same level of difficulty as mine? i dunno, it required different skills

@chr just closed SSM2, but will play it as soon as I start it up again! :)
Made a no-jump-level as well, but it's not as 'deep' as I think yours is :D
Give it a try, if you want to: 2BH-JV7-3MG

@chr great level, was very fun and very satisfying to finally beat it

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