hey, what the fuck, spectral? i seriously doubt this alpha quality matrix client got permission to use recolored firewatch art as their splash screen

lmao wtf it literally even still has the firewatch logo on it in the git repository

apparently spectral is doing a redesign and won't include the firewatch art:

@chr I'm curious to see what happens with this. Let us know if it gets a response.

@chr technically valve doesn’t own the firewatch IP, they apparently only acquired the studio and the In the Valley of the Gods IP, and Campo Santo the company still exists separately to manage the Firewatch IP and game support and stuff. Which seems really weird to me but this is what their art director (who I used to work with at HBO) told me.

@chr but regardless yeah it’s ridiculous of a company to think they can just grab whatever recognizable art and use it. Didn’t some car company rip off that art in an ad too? I want to say Chevy.

@chr :thinknyan: This is why you don't just google around for images and pick whatever looks good without checking sources.

@chr lmao nice i wasn't sure when i saw it bc i never played firewatch

@tom yeah i've seen the art before on wallpaper sites without attribution, something about it seems to make people think "cool, free art"

@chr why does everyone think that this specific piece of art is 1) the One True Brand Art and 2) okay to just steal??? this is like the second or third time this has happened

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