look at this absolute unit thats going to be living with me and my partner now

cat update: she's fast asleep after an exciting day. we've decided her name will be zelda!

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of course as soon as i posted this she decided she wasnt done exploring and stepped onto the coffee table 😅

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@DialMforMara the shelter called her Fran, which is pretty adorable, we haven't decided yet if we're going to keep that name tho

@chr aaaaaa so pretty! Give 'em pets from me ^^ they look so lovely and cuddly

@chr fuck that cat looks so much like my old cat, the third one is going to make me cry

@chr sorry for getting emotional or whatever at you btw your new housemate looks wonderful 💛

@chr E (housemate I actually really like) says, “I miss mine [tiny black and white kitty]!”

@anthracite my reaction literally every time she comes into my field of view

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