@chr *reading the image description* there's a lot more to this image than i can comprehend, but i know enough for it to have changed my life forever

@sireebob so

magritte's "treachery of images" is about how a painting of a pipe is not literally a pipe. you can't take a painting of a pipe, stuff some tobacco in it, and smoke it (because then it would be a cigar, not a pipe). it's pointing out the levels of context at which a statement can be understood

patrick star's absurdist comment "no, this is patrick", in response to the query "is this the krusty krab", could be read as a similar context-break, but in terms of a phone conversation

@sireebob in summary, i have too much time on my hands and i should go to bed

A*chhh*tually ☝️ in French his name is Patric.

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