2019 is the year of the linux desktop in the internet zodiac

people born under the sign of the linux desktop are more likely to have issues with the status quo, try to do everything themselves, and believe in the impossible

@chr ugh but its been the year of the linux desktop every year since like 1996

@chr is it the year of the linux desktop on the phone yet
@chr Meh. 1999 was my year of the Linux desktop. The people who insist, 20 years later, that Linux still isn't good enough seem kinda spoiled to me.

@DialMforMara i dunno, i havent worked out what any of the other zodiac signs are yet

@ella_kane @DialMforMara what year does blade runner take place?

shit its 2019 isnt it

@ella_kane @chr @DialMforMara sci fi has never been good with calendars... I mean Space 1999, 2001, 2010, Back to the Future...

@shivvi @chr @DialMforMara ooooh! Good point! So we could have several signs be the One of 2019! This calls for... Errrmm... Something!

@ella_kane @chr @DialMforMara 2019 - The year of the er... er... chaotic disintergation of the union? well yeah I guess, but no that's a different thing... The year of the operating system on the deskphonetablet... maybe...

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