never set your alarm to a song you like

you will no longer like it

i had this solar fields piece set as my alarm in high school and to this day i cannot listen to it because it hits something deep in my brain

i always set it to the most annoying blaring sound i can find, cause you can’t ruin that sound. it can’t get any worse

@chr My alarms are all Zelda noises and Mac startup/error beeps. Text messages are "Hey! Listen!", and lemme tell you, it sets a tone for my texting.

@chr In Oct 2015 I've set my alarm to Back in Time (Huey Lewis & The News) so I'll wake up like Marty.

It kinda stayed as my alarm since then and this may have been a mistake :thinkhappy:

Exactly. An alarm is supposed to be upsetting. A simple beep (or a gentle one) will do.

@chr I made a tune I like a ringtone once. I still panic a little if it comes up on shuffle.

@chr -opening the clock app on her phone- do I smell a challenge??

@chr I've lost some of my favorite music that way. However, 'Baba Yetu' by Christopher Tin is seemingly immune to this effect, possibly because it was designed in a laboratory for the purpose.

@chr "Bad to the Bone" has been my alarm for 13 years and I still don't hate it

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