hey , i've been seeing a lot of spam registrations over on M.O. is a username that seems like it's a bunch of randomly selected syllables strung together, a display name that's Firstname Lastname (seems to be from real people on fedi in some cases), and an email that's <username> @ one of these domains:

they haven't done anything yet other than confirm their accounts, including follow anyone other than the default follows, but watch out in case they do

if you're seeing registrations like this i recommend you add those domains to your email blacklist, to at least stem the flow (they seem to have an infinite supply of these domains...) at /admin/email_domain_blocks

followup re: account registration spam: looks like all the spam account emails point to the same MX server, if you add this domain to the email blacklist, it should prevent any email whose domain has an MX record pointing there.

tl;dr: add to your email blacklist, it should prevent most of these spam registrations

@chr I temp suspended registrations because of it, as those domains are cheap and easy to spawn more of =/

@ceralor i'm keeping scalie regs open for now since it's not too hard to keep up with but i might reconsider that if they keep coming

@chr Understandable, I'm just away from a computer often and it's inconvenient from mobile =( Hope it doesn't get worse!

@chr thank youuuuu, that might allow me to switch out from invite only again

@chr I've banned their entire ISP on mine, but I guess that works too.


damn those sure are some machine-generated domain names. Thanls for the heads-up!

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