hey, instance ops! i put together a guide on adding S3 support to your instances along with a few troubleshooting tips! check it out!

@chr @benign @david @rustyk5 @muffinista

I'm probably going to have to do the same thing in the future, what did you end up doing? Also, did you have to migrate all your old images to it?

@samrocksc check the article, it answers both questions

@samrocksc @chr @benign @david @muffinista

You basically just need to upload anything that's in public/system/, that's the stuff Masto puts in S3.

@chr Thanks, this is answering exactly the questions I had about S3 support! 😁

@nolan yeah they were all the questions i had too, that's why i put together the doc, there wasn't anything about this stuff that i could find

@chr I wonder how difficult it would be to add digital ocean block storage to an instance.

I guess I'll find out soon enough.

@ajroach42 i dunno, i haven't had a chance to try that out yet! i was under the impression it just mounts to the droplet like another disk? in which case you could symlink the system/ folder to a folder on the second disk

@chr yeah. It looks like that's how it works. I've never worked with digital ocean before. (My VPSs are all through frantech/buyVM rn.)

Since they are just disks to mount, symlinking is probably the way to go. I'll have to pay attention to which folders would benefit from that when I'm setting things up.

I'm guessing system/ is what gets moved to S3 when using S3?

I'll probably also keep my database on a block store, too so I can grow the disk if need be.

@ajroach42 yeah, the folder I referenced in my guide in the "Transitioning an existing server" section in the s3cmd command

@chr typo in that document. 0.25 $/GB... not that misleading, but letting g u know

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