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got quite a few new folks here today, welcome! your admins here at are myself and @nightpool, you can read the instance rules at, and likes ⭐ are florps :florp: here. if you have any questions, feel free to ask! happy pinging!

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@chr @nightpool

me: *is curious*
$ google "florp"
1.The cereal and milk you can never finish, and it's always there!
2.Any fluid that your straw can't reach.

me: ???

@psq95 @nightpool it's a 1) corruption of "floppy" and 2) a reference to an old twitter joke about how twitter was alienating their users by changing "likes" to "florps"

@chr @nightpool The windows 95 theme seems to be buggy. To reproduce the bug, use firefox or chrome, then click /timelines/local and see whats happening.

@morokei @nightpool yeah i'm aware of the issue. another user actually sent me a patch to fix it but i haven't gotten around to applying it. i'll let you know when i do!

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