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:dragnpats: kɜ:ʳ :cydr_a: @chr

working with linux servers has taught me that the internet is just a bunch of barely working shell scripts yelling at each other at all times

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@chr UDP takes that to a whole 'notha level

@chr same for clouds

and cloud orchestrators, btw

(i know cuz i've literaly built all three of these)

@chr honestly i wouldnt want it any other way

@codl i didnt say it was a bad thing

@chr yeah we write our services in Rust/Go/Node/etc but when it comes down to it, the jankier the tech the less dispensible it is, in fact the more fundamental its role in the order of things.

Segue into systemd rant: with the above in mind, systemd is clearly a perversion of the natural order of things. Init scripts are about as jank as it gets, and you can't (couldn't) boot without them. Meanwhile, you throw systemd in the mix and you've got compiled code everywhere. Compiled _logs_ even.

Of course you can't mount the thing externally and fix it up with a line editor, which is where the value of jank shows its face.

This is tongue-in-cheek of course.

@chr Isn't that rather a close analogy for most governments?

@chr dude, this is how supercomputer clusterfucks work too

@chr The worst part is when someone writes a MitM script to "help" two scripts yell at eachother, only to break communication even worse. Then you need to embed this "feature" in most routers and enable it by default :P