pleased to announce you can now support cybrespace by buying :dragnpats: stickers:

we also have :florp: stickers and if dbh ever accepts the design we'll have logo and logo-inverse stickers soon

@wxcafe i dunno about doing that one, i'm the one who made the dragnpats emojo so im definitely in the clear there

@chr oh fuck, the cybre or reverse-cybre sticker would be the PERFECT sticker to put in the center of my laptop back

>pleased to announce you can now support cyberbullying

wow, I *really* misread this

@chr Would the light cybre icon be a possibility? That one is cool as hell

@Jenkar yeah if dbh fuckin accepts the design it'll be up there

(they've rejected it twice for being too low res, i just resubmitted at 6000x6000px upscaled nearest neighbor, hoping that works :P)

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