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hey y'all, i'm no longer reachable on discord if you had my info there previously. if you need to get in contact with me, i'm on matrix, @chr1x on wire, or you can email me at (or if you want to reach @nightpool as well)

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hi i'm chr and its my life mission to boost every dragon

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got quite a few new folks here today, welcome! your admins here at are myself and @nightpool, you can read the instance rules at, and likes ⭐ are florps :florp: here. if you have any questions, feel free to ask! happy pinging!

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the ghost in the machine sounds like a pretty spooky guy

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more great details from original :animal_crossing: animal crossing: there is a union of mammal construction workers, and they went on strike against tom nook

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The Kickstarter for EXTREME FOREVER: SEASON 2 will be launching THIS SUMMER!

Join gay disaster mech pilots Brad, Sam, Cass, and Lianna on their quest through the perilous Rozarx mountains, beating up neonazis on their way to steal The Sun!

Postcard art by!

it's a "watching queer eye and tearing up at the episode where they help the gay guy come out" kind of night whats up

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So I came across what appears to be some original concept art of Khanivore from short Sonnie's Edge. What an amazing film. and I'm really surprised there's not a ton of fan art floating around out there already. Absolutely worth a watch if you haven't seen it yet.

the thing of zyrtec i bought only has like 20 tablets. the container fits at least 3 times that

fuck, i think all the allergy medication brands realized they could pharma bro people with seasonal allergies

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Pattle is a new IM-like client for Matrix

A new Matrix client that visually resembles popular messaging apps like Signal / Telegram / Conversations

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"The art of debugging a computer program is to figure out what you really told the computer to do instead of what you thought you told it to do." -Andrew Singer.

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@kensanata thanks for sharing and thanks @chr for creating this!

I just discovered the tracery bot template in there - haven't heard of tracery before but this seems to be really cool 😁 At least that's what I think after reading this short tutorial:

his hair? wack. his gear? wack. his jewelry? wack. his foot stance? wack. the way that he talks? wack. the way he doesn't even like to smile? wack. i didn't even say his name but his face popped into your head, didn't it?

finally, they can build up arbitrary expressions involving multiple dice, such as @roll 3 * 2d6 + 1d8

they can also perform more elaborate rolls, like @roll 5d10k3, which will roll 5 ten-sided dice and keep the top 3.

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for those who never met @roll, they're a dice bot with a permissive dice grammar:

they will scan any post they're mentioned in for things that look like rolls, such as 1d20, and perform that dice roll!

its been like a year im a bad bot parent :(

@roll is back because i remembered about them and at some point the streaming api reconnect bug was maybe fixed

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I made a silly little thing I’ve been thinking about for a while - a utility to colourise checksum generators’ output, so you can quickly see the differences between two versions of a thing.

At the moment it just turns each byte into that xterm colour! :P

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