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hey y'all, i'm no longer reachable on discord if you had my info there previously. if you need to get in contact with me, i'm on matrix, @chr1x on wire, or you can email me at (or if you want to reach @nightpool as well)

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hi i'm chr and its my life mission to boost every dragon

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got quite a few new folks here today, welcome! your admins here at are myself and @nightpool, you can read the instance rules at, and likes ⭐ are florps :florp: here. if you have any questions, feel free to ask! happy pinging!

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the ghost in the machine sounds like a pretty spooky guy

ugh, my apartment building just switched over to a new parcel locker system managed by amazon. do not like how much their tentacles are getting into the postal system.

matrix server is back up, apologies for the downtime

cybrespace matrix server is down due to running out of disk space, i'm working on it. hopefully back up within ~15 min

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hey y'all, i deployed a change to cybrespace last night that should fix an issue some folks were having with exporting account archives. if you've been unable to get a successful data export, please try again and let me know if there are still any issues!

when i die, commit every action i performed to a text file so that future users may search through the things i've done to figure out how the fuck this system works

*recreates a classic hacker stock photo but wearing a dragon kigu instead of a hoodie*

manifold garden ending 

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"The Mother of All Demos"
1968: Douglas Engelbart explains the foundation of user interface to the world. How to make computers responsive and useful, mouse pointer, hypertext, etc.

In school I read about it often, but TIL I can just WATCH the thing!!!!!

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:excel: Bad Post :excel: 

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me: i might go to work tomorrow even tho its a holiday
me: *discovers that my workplace does not have an official holiday for tomorrow* fuck, now i dont want to go to work

DOOM (1993): tiny, fast, runs on just about anything, originally released on 2 floppy disks and shared via FTP at 1993 internet speeds

DOOM (2016): takes 1 hour to download on a 200 mbps internet connection and requires an nvidia gtx 670 or better

i'm looking for my purchase confirmation for affinity designer (which is made by a company called serif). i search for "serif". first result: an email which only contains the word "serif" as part of its rich-text CSS markup:

<style type="text/css">
body { font-family: sans-serif; }

i don't know what thunderbird thinks "sort by relevance" means for email searches but putting a message from my spam folder as the first result indicates it's very different from my definition of "sort by relevance"

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