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hey y'all, i'm no longer reachable on discord if you had my info there previously. if you need to get in contact with me, i'm on matrix, @chr1x on wire, or you can email me at (or if you want to reach @nightpool as well)

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hi i'm chr and its my life mission to boost every dragon

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got quite a few new folks here today, welcome! your admins here at are myself and @nightpool, you can read the instance rules at, and likes ⭐ are florps :florp: here. if you have any questions, feel free to ask! happy pinging!

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the ghost in the machine sounds like a pretty spooky guy

skynet is a cop. is it any coincidence that its time travel minion takes the form of a police officer in the past? i think not. in this essay, i will show

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Last night, my dream featured a man who could turn into a dragon. He was 1200 years old, scales reflected on his arms, with hair so long it blew in the winds. He scoured the deserts for someone. This person was so afraid of him. But when he found them, the touch between them was so... sensual, and comforting.
#art #mastoart #creativetoots #sketches #dreams

oh butts i didn't actually check the whole landing page after reverting it to the 2.7 version, a couple things are still broken

blurhash is cool altho i'm not sure about it on the whole

oh the new profiles in the web ui are good

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okay, cybrespace is on 2.8 now. highlights:
- polls
- keybase proofs
- uhhh idk, other stuff, see the patch notes:

whats the music genre that has like synths and pounding beats but also distortion and metal-esque growls? spotify recommends me a lot of it

i think we're gonna lose the doodlebox this update. sorry folks, no one's using it

ugh. okay so i'm doing the 2.8 update for cybrespace and i really dislike the new landing page. but it looks like it's gonna be quite a bit of maintenance work to keep the 2.7 landing page. does anyone have strong opinions either way?

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Go is Google's language, not ours

(This shouldn't surprise anyone seeing what Google means by "open source".)

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@chr @LogicalDash

Looks like the media upload problem is an ongoing digital ocean status issue:

I'll let you know when I have more info!

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