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"but Morgan, Animal Crossing has nice music built in!" no lyrics to mindlessly mumble while I move a bookshelf back and forth for a minute and a half

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i have been listening to Shape of my Heart on repeat for like 20 minutes because for some reason it is the perfect thing to zone out to while playing Animal Crossing. please help me

The new castle wall items in Animal Crossing are incredible and I gotta build a castle now

To be fair, it's about time. I listened to them when I was like five, I listened to them for a bit in high school, and now I'm listening to them again. It must be like a 10-ish year cycle. This is a scientific and accurate statement

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Turns out & Juliet was a gateway drug to unironically listening to the Backstreet Boys

TAZ announcement spoilers 

context: there's gonna be a mini-series set in the Balance universe. sounds like it's either an AU or a mini sequel but either way HOLY SHIT!

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TAZ announcement spoilers 



I'm sure if I'd ended up in the same position with my childhood CRT my head would have been squashed like a grape

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Managed to briefly get my head stuck between a TV and a wall and I am very thankful that TVs are thin and light these days

It's fucked up that the Backstreet Boys have a song called "Everybody" AND a song called "Everyone"

Yesterday I couldn't access the stuff I needed for a computing lesson so I replaced the lesson with "hey kids, you ever heard of Pivot?". complete success

I taught extra music lessons last year too and the result of that was my class being the best in their year at playing their instruments so like, it's not JUST because I feel like it, it's useful I swear

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The best part of this is that the kids have a music teacher and it's not me, but it's my classroom so I will teach an extra music lesson if I goddamn well feel like it and you can't STOP me

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I am reflecting on this because I sort of impulsively came up with a lesson I want to do based around listening to four different versions of the same song and looking at how the covers have different vibes

I came up with it because I liked one of the covers

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Like, obviously analyzing song lyrics is a great thing to teach kids to do

He 100% chose that song because he liked Alexisonfire

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Fondly remembering the time in grade six where our teacher made us analyze the lyrics to an Alexisonfire song

I should go to work but I want to continue playing Animal Crossing

Today a bunch of music I'm listening to feels slower than it usually does and I wonder what the explanation is

why does it have pictures now?? i don't need this in my search history

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