Remember when Panic! at the Disco had members?

@monorail you said start from 0! you can't GET any closer to zero!

@monorail look online for other people who look how you want to look and previously looked how you look now, then see if they said how they did it

@monorail For a second I thought you meant you walked TO Toronto from home, which would have been a lot of walking, but now I think you mean that you walked AROUND Toronto which would make more sense

There's also a possibility that it is genuinely a reminder about Bob Dylan, but when and why I would have made that is lost to me. If anyone knows of any reason I'm supposed to care about Bob Dylan in about four minutes, please let me know.

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I use my Google Home to set reminders all the time, but recently it's been getting worse and worse at understanding my voice and I haven't figured out why.

Unfortunately, this means that I have a reminder for today at 9:00am called "Bob Dylan" and I have no fucking clue what it could possibly mean.

@cinnamon I've taken a couple but not too many because it has been really cold out and my hands kept freezing, lol. But I am hoping to get out and take some more soon! Oh, and I do have pictures of random stuff around my room, but they're not super exciting

i am watching columbo. s3e7 swan song 

@monorail i know this because I did it, then went on to watch 0 more episodes (but I did log in to check that it still works)

post v2.0: now it makes sense to read

i am watching columbo. s3e7 swan song 

@monorail i assume you are watching on that one website where they just have a bunch of columbo videos available

if so: if you want More, you can sign up for Peacock using a US VPN and get more for Free

@monorail both of these appeal to me except the first one is funny and the second one is often sad because wow, cool roller coaster, oh no I can't ever go on it :(

@monorail holly, how can you say with such authority that the Queen is dead? how would you know that?


what have you been up to these past few days...?

@monorail holly, i got a new water bottle and spent literal days excited for it to arrive in the mail. i am sure your sister's thing is cool


@monorail today it redirected me to the NYT one whether I liked it or not. is there a way to stay on the old one?

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