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heads up that I'm gonna be moving to @Morgan due to the whole " ceasing to exist" situation

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When I was a kid I never turned the computer off properly because I thought the "reset" button said "rest" and always hit it instead of the power

war ref (reassuring?) 

also for anyone concerned the details are of course not quite as awful as the headline is formulated to sound. I mean, still extremely bad. there is still a whole war and all. but like, any time you see the words β€œbrink” and β€œnuclear” in the same sentence that raises some Concerns and those are almost certainly not the specific Concerns to have right now

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war ref 

loving the juxtaposition of this headline and the les mis ads

heads up that I'm gonna be moving to @Morgan due to the whole " ceasing to exist" situation

It's very disturbing to me that I made this joke and now, a minute or two later, am stopping to think "hey. I'm pretty sure I made that joke before"

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I would describe my fashion sense in high school as "Leonard from Big Bang Theory"

Put another X on the calendar
Summer's on its deathbed
There is simply nothing worse
than knowing how it ends


supposed to come today but I don't have an estimated delivery time which sucks

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new phone (pixel 6 because I like my pixel 3 a lot and other than the battery it's done well lasting me the last 4ish years) isn't actually here yet so I can't even start setting it up I just have to THINK about setting it up

I used to use Rocket but I have no idea if that's any good these days, or even still around

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Some time in the next six months I want to cancel my Spotify premium and just put all my music on my phone

Anyone got any good Android music player suggestions?

getting a new phone is exciting but new phone but less exciting because I've had this phone for 4 years and now I'm gonna have to log into shit and configure settings. bah humbug

new acne medication has the side effect of "this will make your acne 100x worse at first" which sucks

Also watched The Rock which is a movie I only knew existed because they reference it a weird amount on Dungeons and Daddies

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Watched Die Hard 2 on the plane and I'm glad that I have no fear of flying because otherwise a film in which multiple airplanes get exploded would have probably been a bad choice

"Wow, what a helpful comment - hey wait a second"

- me, discovering a comment I made on YouTube 2 years ago

The only day in relatively recent memory where I felt 100% AWAKE was when I went to a theme park and even then when I got back I was ready to sleep immediately. Unfortunately I cannot spend every day at a theme park so that's not a workable solution to make me feel awake

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