My sibling works at a copyshop and I will never in my life get over this shirt design someone had printed there

The worst part about running out of your ADHD meds is forgetting to book an appointment with your doctor so you can get more

I applied for a job in a different country and they still have not offered me job or told me they do not want to offer me a job so they've placed me in the super fun and not at all anxiety inducing position of Not Knowing What Country I Need To Be In in a few months

also my face isn't particularly nasty or anything, i brush real good so my teeth look fine to the Casual Viewer. Only the hardcore fans (dentists and friends) notice the flaws

griffin mcelroy: (tells a fairly unpleasant story about the process of using a waterpik)
me: ah fuck I was going to buy a waterpik but i forgot and haven't glossed in approximately 100 years

my childhood piano book having a heated gamer moment

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Man collapses at the circus. Great clown rushes over, calls out "Is there a doctor in the house?". Man says, but Pagliacci, I *am* doctor!

if a father dies and comes back to life as a shambling corpse, is that an undad

I'm not going to make any comments about the actual movie Green Book but the fake ending song someone made for it is so fucking catchy. I've had the phrase "The real Green Book's the racism we cured along the way!" echoing in my head since I first heard it

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