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sticker on my guitar that reads THIS MACHINE SPARKS JOY

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When I was a kid I never turned the computer off properly because I thought the "reset" button said "rest" and always hit it instead of the power

There's also a possibility that it is genuinely a reminder about Bob Dylan, but when and why I would have made that is lost to me. If anyone knows of any reason I'm supposed to care about Bob Dylan in about four minutes, please let me know.

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I use my Google Home to set reminders all the time, but recently it's been getting worse and worse at understanding my voice and I haven't figured out why.

Unfortunately, this means that I have a reminder for today at 9:00am called "Bob Dylan" and I have no fucking clue what it could possibly mean.

So apparently Cheese Nips have been discontinued in the states and rebranded in Canada to......Cheese Nibs

just misread the word "engagement" in a post as "enragement" and I'm actually floored I haven't seen that word being used before

like, it's an actual word, but I mean in the context of "content specifically designed for high engagement by making everyone who looks at it pissed as hell"

I'm getting some ready-to-drink bottles, the powdered stuff, some snack bars AND the "hot and savoury" actual food. I don't think I would have gone for it (though I've been considering it for a while) but then someone on a Discord server I'm on was talking positively about it so I decided to try

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ordered some Huel to try and I bet it'll suck but also I need low-effort snacks that are more than "cheese"

it's definitely that I hurt myself without noticing but you KNOW where my brain's gonna go first

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Spotify just played me a Steam Powered Giraffe song and I literally stopped walking because I had to process "why do I know thi--OH. RIGHT."

(this post is a joke but it's also true because there is no real equivalent to the stereotypical Brooding Male for ladies because then we just get seen as dramatic and it makes me mad)

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it's so sexist that men are allowed to drink strong alcohol and lament the nature of existence and that makes them Cool and Moody but if I do it I'm "kind of bringing the party down"

Vodafone is trying to silence me by making my connection absolute garbage today for no reason at all

"It's the truth! My heart is cheesy!" I insist passionately. I am swiftly removed from the biology class

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I am a sucker for even the cheesiest expressions of emotion because like, that's what emotion feels like. My heart is cheesy

I have no idea if this is how you're supposed to do Fashion or not. Am I supposed to assume I might have a visible bra strap and prepare for that

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They both have purple flowers on them

Also wait I'm gonna wear a shirt where sometimes you can see one (1) bra strap so maybe some people will actually know

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My bra matches my leggings today and I'm posting about it because otherwise no one will ever know

I mean, it's better because technology came a long way, but as a kid I had a bunch of games that were like "decorate a house for a birthday party!" and like this is That, Again

specially the HHP part, I mean, not the whole franchise

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I don't think there's really much of a difference between Animal Crossing and the video games I played when I was like, five

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