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Good Omens and Doctor Who are the David Tennant-patterned duct tape holding the shards of my brain together in this trying time

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When I was a kid I never turned the computer off properly because I thought the "reset" button said "rest" and always hit it instead of the power

I love that my friend snapped me a tiktok of a scene from a TV show that I have seen and he has not

I hope people know that when I start a sentence with "dude" out of habit it's not actually meant as an address to anyone. I am not calling you a dude

i just realized

we've seen people say things like "Alec Technologyconnections" to refer to the host of the youtube channel Technology Connections

this is exactly how a lot of surnames (at least in the west?) originated

"which Tom are you talking about?" "Tom the baker" "Oh Tom Baker, got it"

The website sorted its shit out and I have purchased sandpaper. Thank you for coming with me on this harrowing emotional journey.

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Stop showing me ads for the Fire TV Stick and let me buy some fucking sandpaper

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I am trying to purchase sandpaper on Amazon Dot Co Dot UK but, presumably because of the Sale Holiday, the website will not fucking load

Steal a man's wallet and he's broke for a week. Show a man how to use a 3D printer and he will be poor forever.

they were all nice things too, he was getting compliments and then thanking people/being happy about it

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just saw a grown man still using mass amounts of manual RTs on twitter. why sir. you know quotes are a thing now right

"Hey, you know what humans are famously way better than computers at?"

i can't believe i'm watching paul blart mall cop 2 again

why did the tech industry have to make every new product thinner than the last

whenever i take a case off of something i feel like i will break it if i look at it the wrong way. and everything is so SLIPPERY

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