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Good Omens and Doctor Who are the David Tennant-patterned duct tape holding the shards of my brain together in this trying time

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sticker on my guitar that reads THIS MACHINE SPARKS JOY

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When I was a kid I never turned the computer off properly because I thought the "reset" button said "rest" and always hit it instead of the power

you know how americans sometimes call the places in canada "states" by accident? i just thought "the province of new york" to myself and it honestly makes me feel good because now we are truly Equals on the That's Not What That Large Area Of Land Is Called, You Fool front

I haven't touched ACNH lately but the moment that Fall update arrives I will not put it down

@cherubiks because if we brought the clocks together they would explode.

@cherubiks ... when the appropriate word is so obviously "widdershins"?

UK pol, petition link, boosts encouraged 

I'm so lucky I have people who care about me even though I'm annoying as hell

i can't believe i'm going to be 25 next month. i am turning to dust

i was supposed to go to bed an hour ago but instead im browsing a subreddit called /r/TVTooHigh and its exactly what you would think

step into the Reply Guy Dome!

two guys enter!

several more guys enter!

Oh Undertale is on sale on Switch........I guess I'll buy it lol

I'm wearing socks that look like cat paws but you can't see that part while I have shoes on so I just look like a weirdo who wears black socks with neon pink shoes

It is something I expect to see as an edit on the internet, not the side of a bus

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A bus just drove by with an ad for Trolls World Tour on it and it has been on the bus for so long that the main, neon pink character's skin tone has faded so she now looks like a white person

undertale is a video game that i played at a very very bad time in my life and it was a pleasant distraction and it's so weird that i definitely almost didn't play it bc i didn't enjoy the demo

i stole this joke but can't for the life of me remember where from 

wanna play this game again AND i know it actually runs on my laptop so who knows. maybe i will

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