I think I can sum up 2019 in the bridge of "Turning Japanese":

"No sex, no drugs, no wine, no women
No fun, no sin, no you, no wonder it's dark
Everyone around me is a total stranger
Everyone avoids me like a cyclone ranger, everyone..."

I've mostly determined what I don't want out of life, and that list is way bigger than what I do want. Sadly, I don't have much control over what I get.

So far this is stark, dystopian. It is ongoing divorce from emotional burdens, obviating them intellectually, delegating.

I am out of hospital and home. I am on Invega now and depakote.

Yesterday was pre-Ragnarok, Thor is down to one eye like his dad, and we hope we don't face the snake. Odin/sick CEO sleeps somewhere, we hope, metaphorically speaking.

I'm so stressed I turned my low profile backup SSD 256 GB into Ubuntu MATE instead of the regular size one on the hub.

Yeah, so, doing some research, I completed a PornHub survey, and discovered that I had not noticed that this summer I entered into the dreaded 35-44 demographic. Shit.

I am now actually Middle-Aged, which I used to joke happened to musicians and hackers when we are caught sober in a Denny's and the day shift is on duty. Fuck.

Stupid text editor. You know full well that I have accidentally dragged a large, binary file into your open window, but you insist on attempting to slowly interpolate its contents, fucking your memory allocation, and forcing me to further wait while you undo the paste, save my open files, and restart you. Dumbfuck text editor, your line mode and terminal brethren do not have this problem.

Maryland's minimum taxable vehicle value is 640. 640 K-car should be enough for everyone.

Popeyes is on Hungerford drive. I am now Hungerford Prefect.

Always be yourself. Live your best life. Unless you can be a praying mantis in the Jurassic, or a giant prehistoric dragonfly. In those cases, do that, chew faces.

Hey, man. We asked for universal suffrage, not universal suffering.

I don't want a standing desk. I want never to work again. And a pony.

And when you crosspost this partially to FB and it asks if the post needs a donation campaign.

It's funny when soft sciences academics who can use a computer properly engage in massive amounts of yak shaving because supposedly their chosen fields don't permit them to purchase new hardware or software. And then they get muted on Mastodon.

Hey, now. Don't mistake my misanthropy for racism.


Environmentalists are silly; the solution to all problems is wolves.
Deer? Wolves. Trump? Wolves.
Blizzard and China? Wolves.
Dickwolves, maybe.

Yes, I love it when what I thought was a shorter trip to the trash than I've ever had in a previous residence becomes a path past what is obviously a drugs or prostitution operation.

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