if you care about “censorship” but you aren’t constantly screaming about how the cows in the Japanese version of Majora’s Mask had their dope ass noserings removed in the US version, you’re a fraud

*extremely Respectability Politics voice* you may like this, but some theoretical people MIGHT have thought about considering not liking this, sooooo it’s.... a little yikes???

what if I.. went thru with..
this plan that has..
0.0001% of succes...
Haha just
kidding... unless..?

seeing Wicked and i finally have seats where i can see the pit orchestra!!

if john wick came out as a trans cutie, that might be the push we need to arm the left

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i wish the alt right pissed off john wick, it would solve so many problems

okay but imagine this:

Bloodborne 2, but when you switch your trick weapon into its larger form, it activates your Stand


when you make a bad post that gets a lot of RTs and you have to explain it to your loved ones

get in the fucking chef hat, ratatouille

trans pride is the one day a year i thot out on main, so y’all can fuckin DEAL

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had to change outfits bc it was too hot but.... i’m not complaining

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when youre trying to plan your pride outfit, but you also know that there are gonna be altright marches showing up too

the bon appetite test kitchen has truly ruined my life

the iphone adding the "Repeat" function on the alarm timer is the most dangerous thing to happen to big nap takers out there in a while

okay but...... the walmart yodeling kids single kinda slaps. go ahead and cancel me. i grew up surrounded by pop country bullshit and i love it bc of that.

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