im streamy magic the gathering to practice for the MCQ next weekend

as described by, “this snapchat filter makes you look like you’re a channer who posts lewds and calls yrself a trap”

wow, reading the fucking “Peanuts” strip, and Marcy REFUSES to stop misgendering Peppermint Patty

charles schultz is fucking CANCELLED

my brain, after looking at twitter the first moment after i wake up every day

the way Lum yells “Darling!” gives me life

yeah i’m a goblin

a-gobblin’ down these antidepressants

gotta say, my favorite part of Detective Pikachu had to be Cu🅱️one and 🅱️ulbasaur

if you've never watched It's Alive with Brad, i CANNOT recommend it enough, the editor's accompaniments to his "Jersey Rambling" is amazing

Hideo Kojima changed his public perception from “dorky otaku game programmer” to “stylish visionary auteur” and is living proof that it’s never too late to turn your look around

Detective Pikachu spoilers ROT13:

*zr, jnxvat hc fpernzvat nsgre Zrjgjb haqbrf gur zretvat* PUNATR ZR ONPX! PUNATR ZR ONPX!!!!!!

here for a 6:40 showing of Detective Pikachu with all my friends!

if you post a thirst trap and no one bottom smashes as a reply, are you even a top?

listen younguns, you may like having your “back blown out” NOW, but just wait like 5 years until you can’t lift up almost anything heavy without blowing your own back out

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