Serious question: Do you all think planet earth has a future with humans on it?

It's been a while since I last posted on here. How are y'all doing?

Oh god I'm really beginning to love this new PC, it's so wonderfully nice to be able to do multitasking again

I swear to god if I hear one more smug asshole proclaim they only need common sense to not get a computer virus I am going to find the only existing physical copy of noscript and smack them upside the head with it.

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After the Fukushima nuclear disaster in 2011 a group of citizen scientists called Safecast decided to create open source / hardware Geiger counters with GPS. They used them to create an independent map of radiation in Japan.

Soon after, the Iraqi hackers from Fikra Space proceeded to do the same in Baghdad to raise awareness about the depleted uranium used in the ammo from the last war.


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I honestly had no idea so many people used tumblr for porn. I feel like one of the 3 people who was too lazy to look at proper art sites and just scrolled through art on tumblr.

And to everyone who voted tonight: You gave those obnoxious people who claimed "The left is finished!" a big middle finger. You should be proud of that.

But hey, I still feel better tonight. It turns out my fears of majority republican support were wrong.

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Why has no one made an instance where people rp as anime characters?

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Something I've never understood the appeal of is live streamers. Not only are you watching someone play a video game, but a lot of them are also have a ridiculously forced charismatic attitude. Have I just not given them enough of a chance?

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Bizarre fact about me: For some reason I can't spell alcohol correctly and always think there is a silent h after the first c. Why!?

Alchohol cannot stop eggnog from tasting amazing.

Why does mastodon get so fucking slow when I leave the tab open for like just 20 minutes!?

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