Something I've never understood the appeal of is live streamers. Not only are you watching someone play a video game, but a lot of them are also have a ridiculously forced charismatic attitude. Have I just not given them enough of a chance?

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Bizarre fact about me: For some reason I can't spell alcohol correctly and always think there is a silent h after the first c. Why!?

Alchohol cannot stop eggnog from tasting amazing.

Why does mastodon get so fucking slow when I leave the tab open for like just 20 minutes!?

Ah winter, my least favorite time of the year. How can I change that this year? How can one stop hating being cold?

If microsoft purchases obsidian can they please just fire Feargus Uruquart and some of the other higher ups? Those assholes are the reason every publisher they work with (including Bethesda) will never work with Obsidian again.

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This is probably selfish and vain on my part, but whenever I see a nature co-op I think to myself: "Good god that looks like a boring place to live, wheres the artistic touch?" I mean, if you are gonna break off from societal norms, you might as well build a weird but beautiful place to live while you are at it.

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In other news, a trans girl is on the front page of twitch right now!

She's ferociously positive, although the mods are having to work pretty aggressively, expectedly.
"It is a little known fact that besides starring in the hit TV show The A-team, and various movies, Mr. T also appeared in many popular Japanese anime. "

If there's any genre of music with a case of rabies that needs to be taken out back and shot, it's country music. Seriously, how the fuck do you go from Johnny Cash, Kenny Rogers, and John Denver to all the corny ass shit you hear today?

If you are depressed and need something that fits the mood, you should give this song a listen. It may feel as relatable to you as it does to me:

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Still though, as badly as Higurashi has aged, this scene is still one of my favorite scenes in anime:

Eventually I asked myself: Higurashi was an amazing anime, why doesn't it still have a following anymore? Then I rewatch the anime and think: Wow, this is not as good as I remember it. Growing up is a very bittersweet thing.

Something I absolutely hate about online culture today is how in a chatroom someone is talking about an existential crisis they are having, or some kind of shit hitting the fan in their life, and a good chunk of the chat goes on talking about other things, completely indifferent, even making jokes. Christ, they could at least take their conversation elsewhere.

Christ, why does it feel like 70% of the people of discord are sociopaths in the making?

I think what I like about this old school "about me" page the most is how honest it feels. Where on the web today would you see "Anywayz I ran outta time so I'll put more A.S.A.P. Ok!! Ba Bye for now!!!!" Whenever I see happy people on the web nowadays, I often wrongly assume they are just putting on a face, especially if they have a shitload of followers.

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