Sadie keeping around a pack of high powered fridge magnets so she can get variously fucked up on bodywriting seems pretty canonical to me *personally*

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Concept of something I want to get doodled up at some point.

Just pretend those fridge magnets are absurdly powerful okay? Okay!

Like sure its a bit weird from time to time when someone wants to be around you but also specifically wants to be around you-but-not-you

But also something about it is cute when you know someone's got a crush on The Subby One, or someone's got a crush on The One Who Tops

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Someone having specifically a crush on one of your selves: kinda cute?

selfie, eye contact 

I haven't put a picture of me being hot on here in a bit, and so I present:

Distance, I think we can all agree, is transphobic.

a splash of kink 

idea: group photo but everyone in the picture is running on the same chassis (bot with viral friends)

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idea: group photo but everyone in the picture is running on the same chassis (plural)

I desire more being squished between multiple people.

pain kinky 

Sometimes a girl just wants to be whipped by fiber optic cables.

Apparently a lot of the time, as it turns out.

drugs stuff, also gay stuff 

What happened next, may shock you

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drugs stuff, also gay stuff 

Weed review: well I knew I liked it before I found myself realizing I was about to get off from having my ear gently scratched, but thats when I knew I REALLY liked it. πŸ˜”

Interestingly this doubles as a pitch for a polycule, but maybe every TTRPG party has that potential.

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TTRPG Space Opera pitch: a spaceship (cute) flies around a few places in a system and picks some bewildered passengers up to crew it. Why them and what does it want: maybe mysterious, but now they get to get along and have adventures.

Put aside all the time I spend worrying over those I care about and dealing with work shit and general existence and you're left with three things:
my desire to be wanted
my desire to be a brat
tail (still takes up 50%)

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Telling me you have a crush on me (or otherwise conveying this information to my brain) is apparently a guaranteed way to section out a devoted little bit of processing, even if its got next to nothing to run on!
I am, as it turns out, nothing if not vain.

The problem with the whole "licentiate can eat 6 scandal and 6 suspicion" is I don't have 6 scandal and 6 suspicion, I have 4 scandal and like 14 suspicion

Really need some way to trade scandal for income or something

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