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@devurandom I've put my original diagram on Wikimedia Commons CC0 (public domain) so that people stop asking me questions. :D

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Oh I just needed to log in again. :D Back to!

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(I'm temporarily cybre because the glitch.socials are down. It's nice to pop in here every once in a while! Hi! (I'm temp 😊)

YES. I really hope this happens!

"Put the CW field between the toot we are replying to and the toot field" #7508

Before and after photos are attached.

@bea Halp, I think has fallen down? :S

Last alert! I'm trying out, here I am:

Oi oi I am trying out - find me there:

Hello I have moved to ~

Alert! :) I have moved to !

Just realised a bunch of people have probably got boosts turned off.

Ey oop, I've moved to !

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So I'm gonna try using as my main for a while. :) See you over there, hopefully?

So I'm gonna try using as my main for a while. :) See you over there, hopefully?

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Patreon is definitely hitting per-thing creators hard. 

Okay so Patreon has updated the FAQ on their new fee structure, and:

Q: How does this impact me as a per-post creator?

A: As a per-post creator, your patrons will see the 2.9% + $0.35 service fee added to all paid posts. For example, if you are a per post creator making two paid posts per month, your patrons will be charged 2.9% + $0.35 for each paid post.

Their example is a $5 pledge on a month you made two things, which is now two $5.50 pledges. Which is... I guess it's an *average* pledge but more than 50% of my backers are pledging $1.

So consider the case of a $1 pledge, with ten things made in a month (which is much closer to my numbers, and probably most webcomics folks'):

($1+2.9%+35¢) = $1.379
$1.379 * 10 = $13.79


($1*10)+2.9%+35¢ = 10.64

...and what the hell Patreon why are your processing fees suddenly so huge now where are those going ffs.

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Today is Noam Chomsky Day! *generates some grammar* 🙌🙌🙌

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It's Noam Chomsky Day! *steals a cake at the supermarket* 🙌🙌🙌

yeah sex is cool but have you ever mushed your face into a brand new skein of 4-ply merino

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