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The “yeah sex is cool but” meme as represented in this ⚡️Moment is basically me.

Hey this petition about the fee change stuff is starting to take off a little bit, nice nice.

I have this tendency to typo by missing out letters at the start of words for some reason, and I just typoed my own name as “assian”


Current events. Environment. UK. Unemployment. 

This was kind of inevitable but also wow that sucks for a lot of people. I'm glad the industry is measurably shifting and I am excited to see where it heads and goodness knows we need to burn fewer fossil fuels but ouccchhhhh.

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Hot take: We should rename "Resting Bitch Face" in "Resting Cat Face"

Current events. Environment. UK. Unemployment. 

Just read this snippet:

"Workers at GE Power have just had a very nasty shock. The US company is axing 12,000 jobs across the globe in a cost-cutting drive.

"The move includes 1,100 workers at its UK operations, mainly in Stafford and Rugby.

"GE blamed falling demand for fossil fuel power plants, saying:

"“Traditional power markets including gas and coal have softened”."

So there are no toots in , and one in , from my corner of the Fediverse. :D So, more ideas welcome, but Arrowverse is at least memorable and has someone other than me in the hashtag!

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Is there a hashtag for the / / / set of interlinked shows? 🤔

All this talk about Patreon changing their cost stuff is making me investigate Liberapay a little more.

I feel very unnerved by any website that has such a high proportion of face-of-white-dude avatars. :/

I feel sad about the changes, as a creator. I know I’m gonna lose a lot of $1 pledges. I already had to delete some of mine to other creators, because I know I'll forget before 18th if I don't do it now. :(

I don't actually mind if they drop it, but making it optional could be nice.

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: Drop The External Service Charge

... Patreon announced that it would be adding a charge of 2.9% + $0.35 to all pledges, regardless of size. This fixed rate per contribution eats worst into the smallest donations, especially at the $1 level, which are vital to many creators' business models.


We ask that Patreon drop the idea of making service charges external to pledges, especially for small donations, in order to keep a vibrant creative community.

Today I plan to watch Supergirl —> The Flash —> Legends of Tomorrow, & knit. I’ve got an omelette cooking in the rice cooker. LET’S DO THIS

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🇬🇧 Hey, peeps!
For some reason the crossposter crashed yesterday afternoon and didn't come back by itself. I've restarted it and it should catch up now. I'll add some extra checks for avoiding that. Sorry!

🇧🇷 Oi, povo!
O crossposter deu erro ontem de tarde e não voltou por conta própria. Eu reiniciei e ele deve alcançar as postagens agora. Vou adicionar uns checks extras pra evitar isso. Desculpem!

-- @renatolond

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